We design services with organizations.

Harmonic partners with organizations to reimagine existing or create new services. Using a service design approach, we understand the needs of service participants, generate and evaluate ideas, create service concepts, and define service vision and evolution plans. Our teams go beyond front stage experience, digging into operational barriers that prevent better service journeys and business outcomes.

We build service design capabilities within organizations.

We are passionate about building service design capabilities in organizations. We help grow internal teams through training and side-by-side projects. We want to see each of our clients applying service design well beyond any initiatives in which our team is directly involved.

We coach and mentor those who lead organizations.

Our senior consultants have decades of experience working inside and outside of organizations in service design, design strategy, and design research. Leaders in customer experience, experience design, product design, and other areas hire us as strategic partners, coaches, and sounding boards to keep moving their teams forward.

We share our knowledge and expertise.

The team at Harmonic speaks regularly at both private and public events. We present and teach about what it means to bring service design to organizations and how it helps them meet their strategic objectives.





Our CEO, Patrick Quattlebaum, co-wrote the acclaimed service design book, Orchestrating Experiences.

Grab a copy from the publisher or at



Later in 2019, Harmonic Design will launch its first of a series of service design tools to take your practice forward.

Drop us a line if you want to be know when our first tool is available.