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Harmonic Design creates opportunities for practitioners to do something that’s rarer then it should be: practice (real) service design. We work with practitioners in both full-time and partner (i.e., contractor) capacities.



 We want you to contact us if…

  • You want to work specifically in the field of service design, and you want to design for the entire experience, not just one vertical. In the past, you may have been siloed into user experience, design thinking, industrial design, or design research, but you have a strong desire to zoom out and work on the entire customer journey.

  • You want to go deep, not just wide. You want to help clients to rewrite and restructure the story of their service experience. You get excited about modernizing operations and organizational structures. You know that creating more success for everyone who plays a role in delivering services is core to the practice of service design.

  • You also think it'd be pretty great to live in Atlanta and hang out with a diverse team of designers.

What are the Benefits of Working with Us?

You will gain knowledge

You will be working for a company where you will always be learning. You’ll grow as a practitioner, because we are always expanding and improving our toolkit and methods.

You will work deeply in the field of service design.

Unlike companies that use service design as a sales pitch, at Harmonic, you’ll have the opportunity to work as an expert in this field. You will get to work on both what customers’ experience and how the service is delivered. You will improve existing services and create new ones. You will design services while helping our clients build their own service design capabilities.

You will help to shape Harmonic.

While our founders and team bring decades of experience to the table, Harmonic is a young company, and you will be a part of establishing our company culture.

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Service Design

Design thinking

Design Strategy

Design Management

Design Research

Interaction Design

Communication Design

Interior Design

User Experience

Industrial Design

Organizational Design



Design education

Visual Design


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