Leah Berg

Service designer


Leah designs as a storyteller, creating lasting and meaningful experiences.

Her core values and passion include interpreting and understanding what and how users connect with each other and with services. In addition, her diverse background in service design, exhibition design, customer experience design, interior design, and art history has led her to empathize with and strive to create all-encompassing, memorable and engaging experiences for the client and their end user(s).

Before joining Harmonic Design, Leah previously worked at a large corporate company where she was part of the Customer Experience Design Team creating unique and empowering experiences for customers. Other work experience includes interactive and engaging exhibitions at The National Aquarium in Baltimore, sales and customer advocate at Apple retail, and various design work for other non-profit organizations.

Leah has a BFA in Interior Design from Syracuse University and an MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design from The University of the Arts.

When she’s not working, Leah enjoys cooking (and eating), traveling, and visiting museums, all of which, provide meaningful insights to her work.