Harmonic Design is an Atlanta-based firm specializing in using service design to achieve transformative results for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Our people 

Founded by designers, Harmonic Design is a talented team of professionals who bring design into strategy. Our team has worked in user experience, design thinking, industrial design and design research. Through Harmonic, you can zoom out and work on the larger customer journey.




Patrick Quattlebaum, CEO


Patrick Quattlebaum is a designer and teacher who gets up every morning to bring creativity, rigor, and humanity to problem-solving. He is the cofounder and CEO at Harmonic Design, a consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA, USA. Previously, he was principal designer at studioPQ, Managing Director at Adaptive Path, and Head of Service Design at Capital One. An expert in design strategy and service design, Patrick places a premium on pushing design practice to be more value-centered, collaborative, and iterative. He and his co-author, Chris Risdon, share their design philosophy and its practical applications in Orchestrating Experiences: Collaborative Design for Complexity.


James Morelli, COO


James Morelli is a connector, collaborator, and team builder. From his first introduction to human-centered design methodologies fifteen years ago, he has educated a myriad of organizations on the business advantage of understanding and aligning with the needs of people. As COO at Harmonic Design, he creates the right partnerships and conditions for our clients and practitioners to do their best work and achieve great outcomes together.

Before co-founding Harmonic, James founded and led ElementalBeat, an experience design consultancy trusted by clients to research and design effective digital product experiences. He has also held a number of leadership positions at design firms, including Regional Vice President at Macquarium and Director of Account Services at SagePath. Along the way, he has managed, overseen, and delivered online and cross-channel initiatives for many medium and large companies.